Hello, my name is Fran Joyce

I’m a freelance writer and author of two novels (and counting). I'm a mom with three adult sons, and I'm also a breast cancer survivor. I came up with the idea for This Awful-Awesome Life because we all experience awful and awesome things in our lives. I'm a little camera shy, so I decided to show my cats (past and present) reacting to some of life's awful and awesome moments. They kind of take it all in stride.

My "aha moment" was when I stopped grumbling and realized that's life. The events we choose to embrace and the events we let define us determine whether we have an awesome life or an awful one. When I was going through cancer treatment, I lived by one important rule. "Don't be so afraid of dying you forget to live." This Awful-Awesome Life is not a news magazine or a political forum - other publications and most social media sites have that covered.  Let's celebrate this awful-awesome life and see where it takes us.