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Halloween (The Movie) Quiz

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In 1978, the film, Halloween helped launch the film career of Jamie Lee Curtis. It is regarded as the first (and many believe the best) in a long line of slasher films inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960).

Made on an insanely low budget with a short filming schedule, John Carpenter's horror classic has become one of the most profitable independent films of all time.

Where were you the first time you watched Halloween? Were you in a crowded movie theater, on a date, or packed into a car with your buddies at the drive in? Maybe you were at home watching in the dark…

Haven’t seen it yet? What are you waiting for?

Wherever you were, take our Quiz to see how much you know about this iconic film.

1.    How old was Michael Myers when he stabbed his older sister to death on Halloween?

a.    12

b.    6

c.    18

d.    9

2.    What costume was he wearing?

a.    He was dressed as a hockey player wearing a mask

b.    He was dressed as a wizard wearing a mask

c.    He was dressed as a clown wearing a mask

d.    He was dressed as a goblin wearing a mask

3.    What is the name of the sanitarium he escapes from?

a.    Haddonfield County Institute for the Criminally Insane

b.    Cook County Sanitarium

c.    Woodsboro Psychiatric Facility

d.    Warren County Smith’s Grove Sanitarium

4.    What was the original title of the film?

a.    Halloween

b.    The Babysitter Murders

c.    Now I See You; Now You’re Dead

d.    He’s Still Out There

5.    Who wrote the Halloween script? Was it written as an original screenplay or adapted from a book?

a.    John Carpenter adapted the screenplay from a Stephen King novel

b.    David Gordon Green and John Carpenter co-wrote the original screenplay

c.    Clive Barker adapted the screenplay from one of his novels

d.    John Carpenter and producer Debra Hill co-wrote the original screenplay

6.    What was the budget for Halloween?

a.    $300,000-$325,000 US dollars

b.    $150,000-$200,000 US dollars

c.    $200,000-$250,000 Canadian dollars

d.    $300,000-$325,000 Canadian dollars

7.    How much were Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence each paid for their roles in the film?

a.    She was paid $10,000 and he received $25,000

b.    She was paid $8,000 and he received $20,000

c.    She was paid $25,000 and he received $10,000

d.    They each received $13,000 for their work

8.    When did Michael Myers escape from the sanitarium?

a.    October 30, 1977

b.    October 31, 1977

c.    October 30, 1978

d.    October 31, 1978

9.    How much money did Halloween make at the box office?

a.    $25 million ($15 million US and $10 million international)

b.    $100 million ($65 million US ad $35 million international)

c.    $45 million ($38 million US and $7 million international)

d.    $70 million ($47 million US and $23 million international)

10. How many actors played Michael Myers in the film?

a.    1 – Nick Castle

b.    2 – Nick Castle and Will Sandin (6 year old Michael)

c.    3 – Nick Castle (masked), Tony Moran (unmasked), Will Sandin ( 6 year old Michael)

d.    4 – In addition to Castle, Moran and Sandin, John Carpenter appeared as Michael in one scene.

11. To save on the budget some actors wore their own clothes. What was the budget for Curtis’ wardrobe and where was her clothing purchased?

a.    Curtis also wore her own clothing

b.    Her entire wardrobe was purchased at JC Penney for about $100

c.    Her entire wardrobe was purchased ata thrift shop for $50

d.    Her entire wardrobe was donated by the owner of a trendy boutique who was a fan of the movie Psycho.

12. For the role of Laurie Strode, Carpenter originally wanted

a.    Jamie Lee Curtis because she was the daughter of Janet Leigh who was in Psycho

b.    Kim Cattrall because she had worked with the famous director, Otto Preminger

c.    Anne Lockhart the daughter of June Lockhart (from Lassie) because she was a better known actress at the time

d.    Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame and the daughter of Debbie Reynolds

13. Halloween pays homage to Psycho by:

a.    The character Tommy Doyle is named after the character Lt. Detective Thomas J. Doyle from Rear Window

b.    The character Dr. Sam Loomis is named after the character Sam Loomis Marion Crane’s (Janet Leigh) boyfriend in Psycho

c.    Jamie Lee Curtis’ mom is Janet Leigh who was in Psycho

d.    All of the above

14. The movie premiered in

a.    Los Angeles, California

b.    Chicago, Illinois

c.    New Orleans, Louisiana

d.    Kansas City, MO

15. The street names in the fictional city of Haddonfield, Illinois were taken from John Carpenter’s hometown

a.    Chicago, Illinois

b.    Bowling Green, Kentucky

c.    Knoxville,, Tennessee

d.    Santa Fe, New Mexico

Answers: 1) b 2) c 3)d 4)b 5)d 6)a 7) b 8) c 9) d 10) c 11) b 12) c 13) d 14) d 15) b

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