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Book Review: Imperfect Forgiveness: The miracle of releasing hurt bit by bit by Alice Wheaton

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Imperfect Forgiveness: The miracle of releasing hurt bit by bit by bestselling author, Alice Wheaton might just be the secret to a less stressful holiday.

How many of us set unreal expectations for the holidays only to have them dashed by a thoughtless gesture or an unkind comment?

She explains the difference between issues that can be quickly corrected and problems that need to be resolved. A little perspective and some honest communication can often defuse a situation before anger and harsh words cause a permanent rift in a relationship

Instead of lecturing about “turning the other cheek,” Wheaton actually walks her readers through the steps they need to learn to let go of anger and move forward with their lives..

Who wouldn’t love to be able to master this feat without having to give the people who have hurt us a free pass? By holding ourselves accountable for our actions and our feelings and not the actions of others, she demonstrates how we can separate from the hurt.

I know what you’re thinking, “How can I forgive someone who refuses to admit they’ve done anything wrong? It’s very simple – you don’t need their permission. Forgive, close the book, and move on. It breaks their hold on your life and restores your emotional well-being because you no longer allow their behavior to disrupt your life.

Wheaton’s counsel goes a step further as she demonstrates ways to grow emotionally. Working to become our best selves makes us stronger and better able to pursue healthy relationships.

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It’s always been my experience that open and honest communication is the best way to avoid conflict, but how do we temper honesty with kindness? These are a few of the questions Wheaton helps us answer.

This book is not a quick fix for every problem. Don’t expect your life to magically become sunshine and flowers by the last paragraph. It’s a workbook with lessons to be practiced over and over.

Consider how great it would be to say goodbye to all those unhealthy feelings, bit by bit as you say goodbye to the old year and look forward to a new one. Instead of making resolutions you may never keep, why not try a little forgiveness. It will look good on you. Trust me, I'm also a work in progress, so I can speak from experience.

 Alice Wheaton is an accomplished managerial consultant. She is president of CoreGrowth Foundations, Inc in Calgary, Canada. Her books have been translated into 12 languages. Imperfect Forgiveness and her other works are available on You can also  order copies of this book directly from the Amazon link on our Author Page.

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