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Welcome to This Awful/Awesome Life! My name is Frances Joyce. I am the publisher and editor of this magazine. We'll be exploring different topics each month to inform, entertain and inspire you. Meet new authors, sharpen your brain and pick up a few tips on life, love, entertaining and business. Enjoy and please share!

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Who has time to scroll through thousands of books on-line? We've compiled the perfect selection of books - many of them are from Pittsburgh area authors, so you can go directly to and grab the ebook, or if you like the feel of an actual book in your hand, hardcover and paperbacks are also available.

The Red Triangle
By Eric Magliocca
Chalk's Outline
By J.J. Hensley
Measure Twice
By J. J. Hensley
By J.J. Hensley
Toward Two Words
By Orlando Bartro
Bedivere: The King's Right Hand
By Wayne Wise
By Wayne Wise
King of Summer
By Wayne Wise
This Creature Fair
By Wayne Wise

Thanksgiving at our House edited by Fran Joyce with contributions from Karen Ketchem, Cindy Stockdale,AnneMarie Kopach, Linda Cahill, Priscilla Goodwin-Serra, Amanda Erny Joyce and Carole Munne

Bolt Action Remedy by JJ Hensley: a review by Fran Joyce