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The October 2018 Quiz - Candies From Around the World


Decorations, costumes and parties are an important part of Halloween, but after the fun of dressing up and trick or treating door to door what everybody really cares about is the candy…

We thought it would be fun to test your knowledge about candies from around the world. Can you tell the country of origin for each candy by its name and a brief description? Choose the correct country from our word bank. Each country listed will be used once.

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Based on the traditional candies of various countries, where would you choose to trick or treat if Halloween was celebrated worldwide?

Answers to the quiz appear on the final page of this issue, Next Month in This Awful Awesome Life (November 2018)

 Identify the country of origin for these candies.

Word bank:

Israel                   Peru                      South Korea                                  Mexico

Germany            Indonesia    New Zealand                               Canada

Japan                  Norway                 China                                              Finland

Poland                Cambodia             Philippines                                    Australia

Sweden              France                    South Africa                                 Ukraine

Spain                   Colombia              The Netherlands                         Thailand


1.       ____________________ Cranky – a maltier version of a Nestle crunch bar

2.       ____________________ Yataiman Gyoza – a treat modeled after vegetable dumplings – the candies are accompanied by a layer of sugary banana flavored dough to wrap around the chocolate or jelly bean treat

3.       ____________________ Putsch Praliner – looks like an America nonpareil, but lightly flavored with butter and rum

4.       ____________________Mr. Fizzy – think pop rocks on steroids

5.       ____________________ Van Slooten Flowers & Butterflies -  sugared licorice in the shape of a daisy, sunflower, tulip, or butterfly

6.       ____________________ Haribo Ingwer-Zitrone Gummi – a lemon ginger flavored gummy bear

7.       ____________________ Krembanen – chocolate covered gel and banana cream

8.       ____________________ Carambar Caramel  a caramel bar that comes complete with incredibly corny jokes that are loved by the people of this country

9.        ____________________Alicja Cream Fudge – cream fudge with the taste and consistency of dulce de leche

10.    ____________________ Jet Bar – a chocolate bar that comes with dinosaur stickers

11.   ____________________ Elite Popping Milk Chocolate – described as a Dove chocolate bar full of Pop Rocks

12.    ____________________Violetas – sugarcoated natural violets

13.   ____________________ Violet Crumble – honeycomb deliberately spun into a fragile candy that breaks easily

14.   ____________________ Lucas Salsaghetti – chewy watermelon gummy noodles dusted with tamarind sauce

15.   ____________________ Beacon Liquorice Allsorts – a bag of different flavors of licorice in different shapes sizes and colors

16.   ____________________ HongYuan Guava Hard Candy – a guava flavored hard candy much like a Lifesaver or Jolly Rancher

17.   ____________________ Neneng Durian Bar – some people claim the scent of a durian is similar to the odor of a natural gas leak, but once you get past it, durians are sweet and creamy like a custard

18.   ____________________ Keshia Coca Candy – this candy is illegal in the United States because its made from the coca leaf which cocaine is also made from

19.   ____________________ Chimes Ginger Mango Chews – stone ground ginger from the foot of a volcano helps give this candy its special potency

20.   ____________________ Fazer Tyrkisk Peber - a spicy and salty licorice

21.   ____________________  Kopico Mini Coffee – small hard rock of sweetened coffee flavored candy

22.   ____________________  Palm Sugar candy – sold at roadside stands this candy is without preservatives and must be eaten quickly

23.   ____________________  Cadbury Wunderbar – a peanut caramel experience

24.   ____________________  Pascal Pineapple lumps – sweet pineapple and chocolate morsels

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