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Joy Bufalini - Upgrade Your Mindset

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I spend my week juggling my business, family, home, and three adorable cats. In 2016, I created Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind™ as a place for like-minded entrepreneurs to come together to support and connect while experiencing personal and professional growth. It has been a huge success, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. There’s nothing I love more than to create space for women to recognize that “I can do this!”

My primary means to work with women entrepreneurs is through individual coaching. You and I first get to know one another and create an individualized Mindset Model for you. We will discover the real and perceived obstacles standing in your way. Then, we will examine and address the current programming in your mind that is keeping you stuck.

Your programming is the combination of thoughts, beliefs, and self-talk that is always running in the background of your mind. It is what truly creates your outer results.

If you are not getting the results you had hoped for or are not experiencing the inner sense of peace and purpose that you thought having your own business would bring, then I invite you to schedule a clarity call with me and discuss what could be possible for you.


I help women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied to RISE to their full potential. The journey always starts within. I have been down this path and know how powerfully transformative it can be for you to truly align with your essence, your story, and your purpose.


Four or six months of accountability, focus, business and personal growth.

Short and long term goals that are in alignment for you

Customization of the program based on your specific challenges

Personalized mindset strategies and practical business growth strategies to achieve your goals easier and faster

Unlimited access to me through your personalized online platform including customized downloads, templates, and checklists


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Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind™

Our group is the place to experience personal and professional growth in a supportive and inspiring group. We focus on discussion and mindset mastery of the unique challenges we face as entrepreneurs while building lasting relationships. When you have a supportive tribe of like-minded women to connect with on a regular basis, it makes a tremendous difference in your business.

Founded by Joy Bufalini as a membership group in January 2016, Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind™ has experienced phenomenal growth and expanded to three different chapters throughout the greater Pittsburgh area:




We are a unique group in that we are not a networking group. This is a safe space for you to take your “sales hat” off and connect with forward-thinking women.

My blogs, covering topics such as Strategy, Clarity, Growth and Mindset, are available at

The Pittsburgh Business Show

Joy Bufalini presents:

“Three Keys to Positioning Yourself as a Leader in Your Industry “  


Thu, April 26, 2018

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM EDT


David L. Lawrence Convention Center

1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

For more information and to purchase tickets go to:


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