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Grab Some Water and Let's Start Spring Cleaning by Gail Neustadt

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Throughout 2017 and now in 2018 I am working to reduce my carbon footprint.

1.       I had my HVAC company complete an energy audit then took necessary steps to increase my home’s energy efficiency with additional insulation.

2.       I discontinued using any and all chemical cleaning products. Now I only use tap water with which to clean and shine everything from floors to counters, windows to glass throughout the house including kitchen, bathroom and all floors. So what about bacteria which cannot be wiped away with water alone? The trick is simple and seems even magical. Invest in special microfiber cleaning cloths laced with silver. Yes, SILVER because silver is a metal with antibacterial qualities. According to Google, silver has “the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. Silver occurs in pure form, as an alloy with other metals or in minerals. ... The pharmaceutical industry makes use of silver's antibacterial qualities, too.

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 Norwex is the only product I know that contains threads of this metal throughout its cloths. Although manufactured in China, the Norwex products and company were founded in 1994 by Bjorn Nicolaisen, a Norwegian attorney.

There are a variety of cloths, each for a particular purpose and all are antibacterial. To activate these silver laced cloths, simply run them under hot water and begin to clean. There many advantages include reduction of chemical use in your home, cost savings on unnecessary cleaning products, and more storage space.


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3. I have decreased my use of plastic. Need water bottles for an event or for personal use? Go to for an alternate choice. Although more expensive than the usual plastic water bottles which leach hazardous chemicals, your health and our earth are worth spending more. And as a decrease in plastic use widens, the demand for eco-friendly products will drive prices down. 

4. I’ve been using an eco-friendly product to wrap leftovers instead of plastic wrap. It works beautifully. Go to for more information. 

5. For an innovative staple-less stapler go to And too see a solar cooker in action go to Haven’t tried these products yet but they are on my must try list!

Do you have one or two or more green interventions you are using? If so, please send share with me how you make your home and our world a better place in which to live by reducing your carbon footprint!

Gail Neustadt retired as a Speech/Language Pathologist over ten years ago to care for her husband who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. After Dave’s death and a series of mystical events, Gail turned to the power of the pen to express her deep concern over the destruction of our shared environment. Under the pen name Dylan Weiss she authored Skunk Tales Trilogy published by Red Engine Press and is now an ardent environmental activist.

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