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Welcome to This Awful/Awesome Life! My name is Frances Joyce. I am the publisher and editor of this magazine. We'll be exploring different topics each month to inform, entertain and inspire you. Meet new authors, sharpen your brain and pick up a few tips on life, love, entertaining and business. Enjoy and please share!

The May Quiz: Believe it or Not


In honor of Personal History month, we took a look at some famous memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, works of historical fiction and hoaxes. Hard to believe it, but not all diaries and journals are authentic and not all historical figures were real people. Many talented authors have inserted fictional characters into specific historical events or social circumstances to tell a story or build support for a societal problem. This is information they share with their readers in the introduction or the afterward, but what about those unscrupulous individuals who try to pass their work off as actual historical documents? Test your knowledge of these books and identify each title as an Actual Account (A), Fictional Account (F) or a Hoax (H).

____The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn

____ Nella Last’s War: The Second World War Diaries of Housewife, 49

____ Journals: Captain Scott’s Last Expedition

____ Go Ask Alice

____ The Diary of a Young Girl

____ The Lacuna

____ Dear Dumb Diary

____ The Diary of Samuel Pepys

____ Hitler Diaries

____ Conversations with Myself

____ Diary

____The Diary of Lena Mukhina

____ A Journal of the Plague Year

____ The Color Purple

____ The Diary of Jack the Ripper

____ My Life in France

____ Diary of a Madman

____ The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd

____ Lucky Man

____ Night


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