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Veterans Memorial and Flag Day Monument by Gail Neustadt

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Not only are the homes in Collier beautiful and varied, our neighborhoods are blessed with parks, recreation, woodlands and open spaces. The magnificence of nature surrounds us every day and with Thanksgiving looming, please take time to appreciate Collier’s abundance. What is not readily visible are the many historic events that happened in our Township adding to its charm and interest. One such event is National Flag Day.

In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Flag Day to be June 14. However, formal recognition first took place in 1937 when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania declared it to be a state holiday. Finally in 1949, by an act of Congress Flag Day was established as a National holiday. We are proud that the first formal observance of Flag Day took place in historic Rennerdale, one of the many unique neighborhoods within Collier Township.

Commemorating COLLIER as the BIRTHPLACE of FLAG DAY, the Township Municipal Building on Hilltop Road is home to an inspiring Gazebo Park which includes a Veterans Memorial and Flag Day Monument. This breathtaking, remarkable site, built by Collier

Community volunteers, is an inspiring tribute to veterans of all wars, as well as a dedication to

Collier’s police officers and firefighters. The Monument includes a Flag Plaza, waterfall with three koi fish ponds and memorial path leading to a restful gazebo. The Path itself begins in front of the Flag Day Monument, continues towards the back facing the ponds and gazebo, all within a beautifully landscaped garden. The path itself is paved with commemorative bricks donated by individual residents to memorialize loved ones. When meandering down the path, one can note many historic family names linked to Collier, names like Downey, Walker, Neville and Presley. 

The non-profit organization, Friends of Collier Parks and Recreation, recently resolved to oversee, promote and take on as a project the sale of bricks for the Veterans and Flag Day Memorial, along with the Discovery Path and the Molly Fund.


With the holidays not far away, please consider purchasing a brick to commemorate or memorialize a family or friend war vet or loved one. Cost of large granite bricks is $200 and for small bricks, $100 and comes with a certificate of authentication.

Please contact Gail Neustadt, Chair of Friends at or Barb Riedl at for any questions or to make a purchase.

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