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Exciting Summer Reads for Young Readers by Fran Joyce

Reading is fun in any language.

Reading is fun in any language.

School’s out, but learning never stops. Make it fun for your kids with these age appropriate books about summer sun and fun. Learn about the United Staes as we celebrate Flag Day and gear up for the 4th of July. Help your kids learn about nature and the importance of bees. As always, teach your kids to be careful of bees especially if they are allergic or any members of your family are allergic to bee stings. Not all of us will be able to hit the beach this summer, but you can bring the beach home to your kids with these fun books. Finally, rain and super hot weather can keep even the most adventurous kids indoors for a few days, so why not turn your kitchen into a science lab and have some fun learning about STEAM. Enjoy!

Hello, World! Ocean Life by Jill McDonald is an exciting board book about the creatures in the ocean. Even very young children will respond to the colorful sea life depicted. For ages birth -3

The Little Golden Book about the Statue of Liberty by Jen Arena is a wonderful way for young children to learn about the history and significance of the Statue of Liberty. For ages 2-5

Bees Like Flowers: (Mummy Nature 2) by Rebecca Bielawski - the books in this series are currently being offered free for the Kindle Edition. These are for very young children to introduce them to the wonders of nature. For ages 2-6

Edie goes the Wrong Way by Susan R. Stoltz - Edie is a sting Ray who likes to go her own way instead of following the crowd. Kids learn about individuality and Edie as she has adventures learning about the ocean, its inhabitants and the importance of conservation to save our oceans. For Preschool and elementary school ages

Blue Sky White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus (illustrated by award-winning artist Kadir Nelson). A beautifully illustrated tribute to the American flag with images of Ellis Island, a baseball stadium, civil rights marches and Cape Canaveral and diverse groups of Americans. For ages 4-8

STEAM Play & Learn: 20 fun step-by-step preschool projects about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math! Paperback by Ana Dziengel - Introduce your preschoolers to STEAM and have lots of fun helping them learn about their world. For ages 4-7

Give Bees a Chance by Bethany Barton - Learn some fun and important facts about bees and why you should not be afraid of them. Bees are now officially on the endangered list, so it’s more important than ever to be bee friendly. For ages 4-8

If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, Don't! (Magnolia Says DON'T! Book 2) by Elise Parsley - When Magnolia’s mom tells her to get ready to play at the beach, Magnolia thinks she means get ready to play piano at the beach. Read along and see why Magnolia’s idea to take her piano to the beach might not work out like she hopes. For ages 4-8

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids: 100+ Fun STEM / STEAM Projects and Why They Work Paperback by Crystal Chatterton is a fun science book that explains each step of the experiment and the science behind it. Every day can’t be sunny and sometimes the heat is just too brutal to play outside. Get your kids excited about science. For ages 5-10

The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps! by Gabrielle Balkan - Fifty-one illustrated infographic maps which include the 50 states and Washington D.C. contain more than 2,000 facts about the people, cities, nature, and historic events that have helped shape the culture of each state and our capitol. This book also features an expansive guide to the state flags and US presidents. For ages 6-10

Hope for the Honeybees (Heal the Planet Book 1) by Kesi Augustine - Hope is afraid of honeybees until she has an amazing dream that she can talk to them. Hope learns what honeybees do for our environment and how they have been rapidly disappearing since 2006. And she learns what she and other boys and girls can do to help the honeybee survive and thrive. For ages 6-10

Rotto! Kylie and the Quokkas of Rottnest Island by J. Macpherson - When Kylie’s class goes on a field trip to Rottnest Island in Australia, Kylie looks forward to seeing a real Qoukka, but the class bully has other ideas. Learn how Kylie outsmarts the bully to help the animals she meets on the island. For ages 8-18




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