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Steel City Outdoor Adventures, LLC - Putting the Fun Back in Your Life by Fran Joyce

How do you add an exciting outdoor adventure to your staycation?

You could participate in a fun outdoor activity with a group of friends or as a team building activity for your co-workers or staff. Imagine meeting new people while sharing in the adventure of a nature walk, hiking, biking or white water rafting.

Steel City Outdoor Adventures, LLC, is a new Pittsburgh business that plans and organizes safe, fun outdoor adventures.

According to owner Charles Graham, the idea for the business started many years ago.

“I felt a little lost and overwhelmed during my freshman year in college. Dennis Amrine from the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) ran our dorm. He invited me to a small discussion group, and he took a group of us on a bike trip with a company called Wondering Wheels. It was a moving experience.”

Graham worked for State Farm Insurance in underwriting and liability claim litigation for almost 30 years.  When he learned the Southpointe office would be closing, he began to consider other careers.

“I said to my co-workers, ‘It looks like I'll have more time to ride my bike.’ I was joking, but it helped inspire me to start the business I’ve always wanted. I’ve been an avid biker most of my life.I have biked the entire way between Pittsburgh and Cumberland many times. When I lived in the Washington DC area, I biked on the C&O Canal. During the last eight years, I helped organize (planning food, lodging and activities) three day camping, hiking, sailing and white water rafting trips to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland for approximately 80 dads and daughters with the YMCA group “Questors.” Each spring, I assist with instructing a women’s self-defense class at Kang’s Black Belt Academy. I am a certified US Sailing Instructor, and I have been involved in running a high school indoor field hockey program.”

Graham’s hobbies and volunteer efforts were the perfect training program to qualify him to design outdoor adventures to get people of all ages off the couch and away from their smartphones.

Steel City Outdoor Adventures, LLC offers:

• Adult Women’s Cycling Group – appropriate for all skill levels. For ages 18 &up. Summer session begins July 31-August 28. $10 per ride. Signed release and helmet required. Bike rentals are available for an additional fee. Register at

• Small group (3-4 people) hiking, biking and whitewater rafting geared towards youth 10 and up. (See website for summer specials).

• Sailing instructions for small groups 1-3.Participants need to be over 16. (See website for summer specials).

• One day team building package geared towards youth sports teams, community groups, and small businesses - we pick the group up by bus to go on a hiking and whitewater rafting trip.

• Wellness Bike Ride Packages - weekly bike rides designed to encourage employees to make a post work or pre-work bike ride part of their daily/weekly routine.

• Provide luggage and bike delivery services for people riding on the local rail trails.

• Available to work with businesses that host golf outings to provide a morning bike, hike or rafting trip for non-golfers.

One of the top questions Graham receives from his cycling groups is about what to do if you get a flat tire. To address this problem, Graham has prepared a tire/tube changing demonstration for riders of all ages.

Steel City Outdoor Adventures, LLC is the perfect service for the individual, couple or family who wants to put some excitement in their weekend or staycation without busting their budget.

For more information visit the Steel City Outdoor Adventures, LLC website:

Send an email to or call Charles Graham at 412-849-4196.

Images courtesy of Pexels  or The Steel City Outdoor Adventures, LLC website.

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