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What's for Dinner? Ask Linda

For this issue, I talked to a lot of people about their vacations. Whether they went half way around the world or a few miles down the road, the conversation always turned to the food they liked best.

"Make sure you talk about the food," they said. 

With so many possible destinations and so many culinary delights for each region, I decided the easiest way to pay homage to one of our favorite pastimes is with photos.

Since we can't eat a bunch of photos not matter how delicious they look, I also decided to enlist the help of my friend Linda Cahill, an independent consultant with The Pampered Chef.  Linda is a seasoned traveler and with 15+ years experience in the business she knows her way around a kitchen. If you want to know which pan to use, how to stay organized and save time in the kitchen, or you need a great recipe - ask Linda.

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Linda Cahill

Linda is an independent consultant with The Pampered Chef. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

So, I asked Linda for a couple of great recipes to prepare for the international feast I have planned for my stay cation this year. She sent me photos and links for these awesome recipes on The Pampered Chef website.

Linda's recommendations include:

Harissa Chicken 

Korean BBQ

Hawaiian  BBQ Braid

I was so impressed I convinced her to make this a regular feature in This Awful-Awesome Life.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with next month.

For more delicious recipes and to order products for your kitchen, visit Linda is on Facebook at Linda Cahill and The Pampered Chef. Email her at 

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